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Beach testing the FTX Outlaw 1/10 RC Brushless Car

Last weekend we took out the FTX 1/10 Outlaw and tested it on the beach.

The performance was impressive - wheelies, spins and drifting really well. The speed was awesome and much faster than expected.

The response was good and plenty of range for it to be thrashed around.

You could really see the difference the brushless motor made.

No matter how many times it was thrown over the jumps and crashed, it just kept on going.

Some of the crashes were hard on, but nothing was broken and the Outlaw ended the day as well as it started. 

For £240  £199 (current special) this was a good bit of kit - the box contains everything to be ready-to-run including a battery pack. (except for 8 x AA batteries)

It was so much fun and so robust we will make the jumps a bigger next time and see what else this can handle!

If you would like one too you can Shop here.